Care Ministry

We’re committed to helping our people build the right foundation in their lives and guiding our people closer to Jesus through all seasons of life.

Stephen Ministry

“The rain came down, the streams rose and the wind blew and beat against that house…” Jesus, Mt 7:25, 27 (NIV)


“The question is not, ‘Is there going to be a storm?’, but ‘When is the next storm getting here?’” – Matthew Kelly, The Seven Levels of Intimacy.


There are many storms in life. Even good storms, like weddings, take their toll. Jesus in his teaching on the Wise and Foolish builders clearly spells out that the storm comes to both types of builders. But the quality of the product they built, and more importantly, the foundation on which it is built, makes all the difference in life.


The Care Ministry at Faith Community Church is committed to helping our people build the right foundation in their lives, to providing resources before, during and after the storms have come and guiding our people through these storms closer to Jesus. This section of the website helps you understand how and why we work. It describes the available resources, ways to connect with them and even getting involved with them.


From the outset though, we want you to know that the best resource we have to offer is prayer. Prayer is our first, last and best resource, so no matter the storm in your life we highly recommend gathering some people around you to pray for you, for the situation and for the solutions God is providing. Explore our prayer resources by clicking on the Prayer Resources link in the sidebar.


Care Mission: Why we exist


Our mission is to equip leaders to care for those they lead and guide those needing individualized care to a place of wholeness in Christ.


Care Vision: What we will look like when we achieve our mission


Faith Community Church is living out an approach to care whereby we are compassionately devoted to one another, exceedingly generous toward each others real needs, and joyfully reliant on Christ in giving and receiving care.


Care Values: What guides our decisions to become what we envision


Focus Here First, Everyone Cares, Equal Relationship, Stewardship, and Discipleship

There are many avenues that our Care Approach takes, want to learn more?