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Outreach Opportunities

Want to pick up where we left off from last year’s Synergy Outreach? We hope you will consider one of the following immediate opportunities available. This is a great way for individuals or community groups to continue to serve and support our outreach partners and help them advance their ministries.

Please check this page often as we look to keep you informed of ways you can help. And if you’ve connected with an outreach partner to fulfill one of the opportunities, please let us know at so we can keep our site current. Thank you, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

The following list includes a number of immediate opportunities for our outreach partners, as well as other organizations Faith Community Church serves, and is current as of January 2014.

The Bridge House Framingham, MA
Repair damaged tiles in kitchen floor.  

Past Synergy Outreach projects involved a desperately-needed remodel of the main kitchen at the Bridge House, but we were unable to repair a small area of the kitchen floor, including tile replacement.

If you are interested in this project, please contact Dave Lang at

Prepare a Monday night meal for the residence of The Bridge House.  

Faith Community Church has committed to provide a hot meal each Monday night for the nearly 30 residents that stay at The Bridge House. This is a great opportunity for individuals, families or community groups to serve.

To sign up to prepare and deliver a Monday night meal, please contact



Emmanuel Gospel Center/Starlight Ministries Boston, MA
Hotel Ministry  

Partner with Starlight Ministries to bring Jesus' love and hope to families living in motels/ hotels in the suburbs. This is a great opportunity for families and community groups to connect Faith Community Church with homeless families living right in the Hopkinton and MetroWest area. Time commitment would be at least once per month.



Straight Ahead Ministries Worcester/Lynn, MA
Contribute tool supplies for carpentry after-care program.  

Straight Ahead would like to continue teaching teens out of lock-up basic carpentry skills – but they need tools. If you have any used tools you’d like to donate – or if you’d be interested in leading a workshop to teach carpentry skills to a group of teens, please contact us!

For a complete list of the tools needed – or to learn how you can get involved, contact

Contribute clothes for Straight Ahead’s The New You clothing shop.  

The Worcester headquarters has recently opened a gently used retail store carrying clothing, along with small household items and appliances targeted to the interests of local college students. All proceeds benefit youth in Straight Ahead’s mentoring, education and employment programs.

If you have any items to contribute, contact

Volunteer to lead a Bible discussion group in a lock-up facility or be a prayer partner.  

Straight Ahead has opportunities for individuals to work with teens in lock-up facilities or through its after-care mentoring program. They also need volunteers to pray for the needs of teens in lock-up.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can make a difference on the lives of at-risk youth, contact



Salvation Army Framingham, MA
Prepare and serve a meal for the Salvation Army.  

Faith Community Church prepares and serves a meal on the first Wednesday of every month at the Salvations Army’s Miracle Kitchen in Framingham. This is a great opportunity for families and community groups to get involved and serve.

To learn more about how you can get involved, contact