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Worship Services

Worship Center Services: 9:00 & 10:45 AM
These identical contemporary services with traditional elements are offered in the Worship Center, a large, modern room.   A live band and occasional dramas or multi-media presentations introduce the theme of the Bible-based message presented by our Lead Pastor, Mike Laurence.   Infant and child baptisms also occur in the Worship Center.

Interpretation is provided for the deaf at the 9:00 AM worship service every Sunday in the Worship Center.  

Occasionally numbers light up on the side of the Worship Center.  The numbers are used by the Children’s Ministry to contact parents when their child needs them.

Chapel Service: 9:00 AM
This traditional service with contemporary elements is held in our chapel, a smaller, more intimate room that is decorated like a New England chapel.  The music is offered by a choir or acoustic ensemble.  The message and drama are presented via a video feed from the Worship Center.

Not sure which service to attend?  Try both!

Coffee and doughnuts are available between services in Fellowship Hall (located across from the Worship Center).

During the summer, we offer a contemporary service in the Worship Center, both at 9 AM and at 10:45 AM.